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Many employees find it difficult to prove they are valuable at their workplace. 

Most times the promotions, salary increases or incentives seem to never reach those that deserve it.

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I understand how you feel because you know you deserve better. 

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But you are focusing on the WRONG THINGS.

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If you are ready to flip the script and become the one employee everybody (juniors, colleagues and superiors) want to work with.


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Why The Testimony-Birthing Book, PERFORMANCE Was Created.

My name is WALE AJENIFUJA, and my business is primarily in the area of Business Advisory, Performance Consulting, and Enhancement Mastery.

I focus primarily on helping employees to get better at what they do, maximize their performance and stand out in any establishment they find themselves in.

I have encountered several young individuals and the upcoming generation who wonder why there is no reasonable career progress for them and it has all summed up to their:




as career individuals.

I have realized that you cannot afford to neglect these things if you want to thrive against the job marketplace competition.

You have to be intentional about growing your mindset and performance skills as an employee—especially if you’ve noticed you may not have them.

And this is why the book, PERFORMANCE was created.

To help you elevate your performance level at the workplace and also become a high-quality employee that companies will fight to have.

The amazing thing about all the skills you’ll be developing from this book is that you can’t hide them.

The difference in your efficiency, performance level and even decision making will change and it will be obvious to all.

Your colleagues, your senior executives and even interviews will be able to see the difference.

For several years as a Career-success Performance Coach, I have tested the same principles in this book and…

I can boldly say these principles are replicable in any organization and by anyone.

And so…

I turned all this information into a book.

Especially for those young and new career men and women who may not be able to afford my career coaching sessions.

This is the next best thing you can get…

PERFORMANCE: Rise Up to Relevance And Become a STAR at The Work That You Do.

This is a sum total of all you need to jumpstart an exponential growth in your career as long as you follow all the principles and guidelines given.

"Herein lies the core realities of one individual’s hack into gaining the higher ground at the workplace and multiple keys to personal growth. Performance overall is a good book with premium life hacks on how to go about work as an employee or business owner."

Bamidele Osoata
Federal Road Safety Corps Marshall

What Can The Book "PERFORMANCE" Do For You And Why Do You Need It?

In Summary…

If you want to elevate your workplace performance and stand out from the crowd in any establishment you find yourself…

The PERFORMANCE BOOK is the vehicle to take you there.

Because it was created for this exact purpose.

"Performance is a great book that every progressive business leader, entrepreneur, and development enthusiast should read. I am thrilled by the simplicity through which the author has conveyed psychological concepts in a relatable fashion.

Indeed we live in a fast-paced world, and those who want to achieve greatness must boost performance. Great Book, Highly Recommended."

Kemi Ogunkoya
Leadership Strategist and Author
Member, Forbes Council.

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"Here goes the masterpiece for everyone looking to achieve a greater level of success in life, career, family, and the world.
I’m particularly drawn to the simple storytelling style adopted by Adewale Ajenifuja in this masterpiece.
Performance is not just another book on self-pitching actualization, but a life hack toolbox that will surely set you up for success in life, immediate circle of influence (family, friends, at work, business, and the world)."

Adedamola Folarin
Senior Business Analyst (Zenith Bank Plc)
Career Development Coach and Certified Business Analyst Professional.

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